We create and evolve our mystery shopping process and solutions based on the Business Brands of our clients. We ensure that Brand promises are adhered to while evaluating product, services and situations.

Comparative analysis of a competitive set is performed by us when requested. Comparable standards are measured and included in the report. Our focus remains to observe and report competitive excellence.

We tailor make/create/evolve matrices in our reports based on moments of truth as experienced during evaluations. Our matrices are specific to each domain. Relativity to value addition from process follow up, customer satisfaction to revenue growth is an unmistaken essential in our evaluations process.
  • Customization of every matrix supports the bearing of the product and service standard as measured during the time of service delivery. We work with the management to understand the requirements of the organization.
  • Our digital imaging and video files validate training needs, offer employee selection for rewards and focused training.
  • We monitor issues such as employee integrity and up-sell traits.
  • Service gaps and short cuts to service excellence are reported.
  • Training modules are based on evaluations outcome.