Our Uniqueness

We are different because...
  • We analyze results of our mystery shopping initiatives which are translated into coaching and training opportunities
  • Our evaluation processes are based on TQE (Total Quality Excellence) initiatives
  • Our integrity tests are conducted at various levels of diligence
  • We assist in converting “existing areas for improvement” into “opportunities to excel”
  • Our customer experience reflections are a realistic view of “value for money” your customers receive
  • We create reports of your product and services. These reports are documented and discussed with you
  • We comment on up-sell techniques and up-sell efforts by your associates and employees
  • We make recommendations and suggestions based on our observations while presenting our evaluation reports
  • We assist you in creating a road map for total customer satisfaction covering all disciplines of your business
  • We discuss all aspects of our modus operandi pre and post evaluation processes

We add value to your business!